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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Too busy to not procrstinate..

I hit this point every year, where I am suddenly like "Where did my good intentions go and how did I get so far behind already?" This year it might be happening sooner because of the job, which allows me almost no time to do the million hours of reading I need to do a week. I miss the days when I had a lovely*** job that allowed me all the free time in the world. However I coincidentally had this job at the only point in my life where I wasn't going to school.. It seems like such a waste now.I did however catch up on all the reader digest condensed books, romance novels and thrillers that I will ever need during this time so I figure it was still time well spent. However I must go finish preparing myself to go to school to write a test I began studying for at 11:30 last night..

***Not actually a lovely job but really call center work and dispatch. Both of which were really painful jobs actually. but they did allow me quite a bit of spare time for reading..

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