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Thursday, October 15, 2009

alone again..

So I am once again alone for the weekend, with just the company of the kitty. I feel like I didn't accomplish enough things on my list from last time I was alone on the weekend so I think I will continue to work on doing those things this weekend.I was alone for about 4 hours, all of them spent at work when I did the first ridiculous thing of my time alone. I was walking home from my job at the hardware store talking on my phone with my rotten little sister. I do this because I am sometimes afraid walking home because the road is long and dark and beside a semi highway. So anyways I am almost home when a car I don't recognize pulls over and someone asks if I would like a drive. I don't recognize really any car so this is abnormal I just figure its someone from work so I get in the car. I then look and its someone in a military uniform so I figure for a second it is one of my fake dad's friends that I have met once or twice. I then realize I have just gotten in a car with a STRANGER!!!So this stranger is like where do you live and I am debating whether I should jump out of the frigging car or what but instead I just direct him to my building which was literally like a 2 sec drive away. Clearly I am now home and fine but frig I was pretty much in a situation where I could have been MURDERED!!But all in all this random stanger seemed ok and just dropped me off at my security building and it was cold out. Damn my being from someplace where you can just assume you know people when they offer you jobs in the street.On a different note because of the cold I have broken out my bathrobe again, which I will now be living in while at home until spring..


  1. I know it was in fact ridiculously stupid..

  2. Just like Robyn to chose possible murder over being cold.

  3. I didn't realize I was picking murder at the time..thats why I would die first in a horror movie.. I am oblivious..