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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Following the footseps of one of my blogging friends I feel the need to have a momentary rant here it goes:
I have been I guess "seeing" this guy who I will from now on refer to as dogtags simply because that is what my friends call him. The name in itself is a funny story but besides the point. So anyways dogtags has been texting me for several months now. Here is how our texting conversation almost always go:
me- hey whats up?
dt-nm you?
me- whatever I am doing haha..
These conversations can actually go on for many more text messages but here is the rant part: Just say what you want!!!What is your purpose in texting me!!let me know because texts cost money!!Plus it is ridiculously irritating to have this same convo over and over again. Also I'm not that big of a fan of texting in general so this drives me absolutely insane. My roomate can actually recite how our texting progresses...that is ridiculous...That is all for now..


  1. PUKE! those kinds of conversations just make me sick. If a guy ever just texted hey to me unless i was hammered i would most certainly ignore it

  2. i agree.
    texting costs money and he should know that, but...well...some boys are dumb dumbs.