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Monday, October 12, 2009

whirlwind weekends..

I always feel like long weekends are going to be a productive time but they really never are. Friday my only class was cancelled so I was lucky enough to have a four day weekend. However instead of doing anything productive I drank and went out for a ridiculously drunken evening friday. I managed not to be too ridiculous until I departed for home then proceeded to ignore the firends who had accompanied me to my house. I then had to depart for a lovely 7 hour drive back to my parent's house,at 7 in the morning, aided by many gravol to ease my hangover. This lead me to my incoherent mumbling and saying random things state which was difficult to emerge from. This was followed by two days of jam pack family time and trying to catch up with many people in a short amount of time followed by another 7 hour journey back to my university town. So in short I did nothing productive at all, and I am not currently being productive right now. However in this short amount of time I did manage to consume many delicious thing including bbq, turkey, pie, ice cream cake and nachos which are all things that should be on my list of favorite foods. I am always super excited to see my family and it never feels like I get quite enough time at home. Altogether I had quite a good weekend but there was waaaaaayyy to much driving involved. My parents officially need to move closer because that drive just makes me a little crazy.

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