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Thursday, October 22, 2009

my attempts not to be a lazy bastard..

So I have lived in the building I live in for about 3 months now and today was the first day I went to the gym. It has a convienient locations of a quick walk down the stairs but I have never gotten motivated enough to go. That is motivation plus a great feeling of braveness because I was scared of other people being there and it being weird. But today I went and found out I am much more out of shape than I previously suspected. I figured since I walk alot that I would be relatively in shape but I am not. So by putting this in my blog I am hoping to carry on with going to the gym cause I have really no excuse not to and I will feel like I should because I have talked about it. I mainly want to do it for stress relief cuase my mom swears by it. So heres hoping this will provide me with lots of motivation..

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