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Thursday, October 8, 2009

My ultimate Collection: Family

So I haven't been writing that much this week because I have been super busy with work and school because I am off this weekend for Thanksgiving. Also I possibly have something wrong with my appendix which is silly cause I practically never use it. I haven't eaten twigs or rocks in FOREVER! Anyways I am excited because I am going home after a long hiatus which allows me to see about half of my real family. Now there is nothing wrong with all my fake family: I love you fake parents, aunts, uncles cousin(?T-pain, I' m not sure whose child this makes you?)and sisters. However this got me thinking about how many people in my life I consider family that have no blood relation to me. There is quite a few so it got me thinking that I aquire family like other people alot like people collect other things. From the time I was born I had 4 older siblings not all completly blood related but still family. And from then on my family simply exploded. With the amount of step/halves in my family its actually silly that I keep adding family to my life such as by joining a sorority and making up family titles for my friends. I realize that I am incredibly lucky because of this but also something makes me think I might be a little messed because I feel the constant need for more family. Anyways I am excited to go home and see that part of my family but I will also be missing my other half that I won't see and will miss my fake family as well. Really I'm just hoping that nothing happens to my appendix that prevents me from drinking with my fake dad for the last time until like february..


  1. i am the best step cousin ever.
    it's not even a real term, but i makes it real.
    jesse called me his step step cousin once, even less real but just as awesome

  2. ... youcan tell this is Robyns family...

  3. Haha but can you tell who is blood related and who is not? Cause thats really the mystery..