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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just in case.

If anyone was worried, I have not been fired. I appear to be able to do my new job, so far at least. Also everyone who works there is super nice, which is an exceptional change from my last job. And I'm excited because the new job will enable me to do the thing I want this summer (Unless I want to do things on weekdays). You still down for camping T-pain?! :)

Lesson learned: Things tend to be much worse in my head.I think I should already know this because of my many irrational fears but really you never know when something terrible is going to happen to make those fears be true.(That sounded much more depressing than I wanted it too. Ooops..)

Anyways this has been rambly. And I am sleepy. So far the worst part about the job is the 7am wake up time. After many months of waking up a like noon I was unprepared but I think next week will be better once I get on schedule. Nigggghhhhttt

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