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Thursday, July 7, 2011

24, Here I Come.

Tommorow is my Birthday. In an attempt find out if I blogged about my birthday last year, I went back and read a bunch of old posts. Which made me introspective about the year that has just passed.

I have changed alot. I've learned alot, especially about myself. I think I've grown up alot. And I'm ready for an age that I once considered ridiculously old.

Ever think back to when you were like 12 and had all these ridiculous impossible dreams that you had to do by the time you were like 18? That was me for sure.But I like to think I still have big dreams, but to get done by the time I'm like 30.

This might be too much introspection, because I'm at work (I haven't grown up too much haha).

Anyways, I'm excited to be rid of 23, which was good and bad in alot of different ways. I am definitely not ready for 25, but I have some time to get ready for it.

I think this year is going to be good. :)


  1. It will be good! And last year I was 25 and it was awesome :)

  2. Happy belated. Hope everything was fantastic.