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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I will say this first: I am a terrible sleeper. I need conditions to be exactly right; no noise or light and I have to be legit tired. Sometimes all thats isn't even enough.

Now for the ranty part: I hate my upstairs neighbours. I think their living room must be above my bedroom or they just have a tv in their bedroom. But my point is that they listen(presumably watch as well) this tv incredibly loud all night. Last night it was on until like 3am. Also they often put in dvds and leave it on the menu screen so I hear it loop all night.

This might not be so bad if I had the balls to go upstairs and be like " Hey could you turn down your tv a bit, maybe stop stomping so much" but I won't. I am bad at confrontation.

So here are my options as I see it:

1. Leave them an anonymous note.

2. Destroy their fuse box (They are all in the basement).

3. Start drinking every night so I can pass out.

4. Only sleep during the day (They don't seem to be home then).

5. Murder them and hope that noisier neighbours don't move in. Or that jail is quieter than my apartment currently is.

6. Learn to sleep like a regular person(this seems unlikely, cause I don't not sleep on purpose).

7. Get earplugs.(This is irrational but I'm scared if I did I might not be able to hear a murderer or like some other kind of emergency).

8. Move my bed into the living room.

Any confrontation free suggestions?


  1. I'd write them a polite note telling them that you can hear everything from you room. Maybe embarass them a little bit by telling them (if they're a couple) that you can hear them making love. A garaunteed way of making them keep their noise down!

  2. i suggest the note as well. also, love that you're writing in this again! yay!