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Monday, December 12, 2011


As I am currently in the middle of exams/final projects, I am getting especially excited for Christmas.

Something about last year felt wrong without having something to procrastinate right before the holidays.

I am also very excited to see my Mom, who has been away for the majority of last year.

Most years I have some sort of wish list going on, but this year all I really want is to be at home(not that I'm discouraging presents obviously).

Here are some things I am super excited for:

1. Baking a million delicious Christmas treats. And eating them.

2. Decorating the Christmas tree. And by this I mean, complaining that I have the least Christmas Ornaments to bug my Mom, take my yearly Christmas picture with my dog Brunoe dressed as the grinch dog and trying not to explode glasses of eggnog(my magical power).

3. Hanging out with my little sister. We have lots of fun watching seasons of stuff and bugging my mom at christmas. Last year we discovered the hilarity of telling her she was" ruining christmas" every time she did something. Which sounds meaner than it is. Cause she just ignores it. And its always about silly things like she told us to move out of her way, or that we have to let the dogs out or such.

4. Seeing the rest of my Family. Cause no big deal, but I have the best family ever. Be jealous.

5. Playing board games. My family is also super competitive. Its all in good fun, except when you sit next to my ma, who has a bad habit of hitting when she is losing.(This also sounds more violent than it is, although it does hurt.)

And now for one of the best Christmas songs:

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