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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

200th Post

Flashback to my 100th post: I had just gotten my wisdom teeth out.

So as a special treat I thought I would talk about my teeth again.

As you may know from my previous post, today I went to the dentist. And I was excited to go, which is not normal dentist going behavior. The reason I was excited to go was because I haven't been in about 4 years(this is my conservative estimate, I actually have no idea). This mainly because dentists are expensive and also because I was never around Pictou where my dentist live. Excuses aside, its probably because I am a huge procrastinator/ use my money for impractical things.

I have had some persistant jaw pain which I thought was going to go away with my wisdom teeth but it didn't. And then I started to get scared that my teeth were actually rotting away, and therefore causing the pain.(I think about my teeth alot. Its a weird thing. I also brush/floss alot so this fear was kind of irrational).

So today when I went to the dentist I was expecting to have like 10 cavities and have to have half my teeth replaced with fake ones and alot of other awful dental work. But apparently my teeth are fine. Yay!Apparently all the brushing and flossing has paid off. Although he didn't really tell me what to do about my jaw.

This post is actually really long and pointless. Just be glad I didn't feel the need to tell you all about this in person.

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