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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

One of the MOST Awkward events that have ever happened to me.

So. This is a sex story. So skip it you aren't into such things.

So I would say I have been dating the neck wrecker for awhile now. We started sleeping together mid July, not sure when the actual dating began haha. Point being that we've been hanging out fairly frequently.

We are both weird and awkward. So that's good I guess. He actually said " I'm always thinking I'm weird but then I remember you're weird too." Which sums up how I generally feel as well.

Anyways. Awkward story.

My birth control has been being weird, as I just switched prescriptions. So I have been spotting. Which wasn't an issue during the week as the neck wrecker is working in Moncton. But the weekend comes along and the spotting had been stopped for a couple of days so I figured I was fine. So he came over and we hung out and what have you. And we had sex that night and then again in the morning and everything was fine. And were just laying around the next day and we've been talking about going to eat forever but we hadn't. It was a nice leisurely day. And we then realize that the roommates had left so we start to have sex again( I know it seems like a bit much but had been like a week). But then someone came back and we stopped having sex for a minute and I realize then that I HAD BLED EVERYWHERE. It was the worst thing ever(I'm not necessarily against period sex, but you want advance notice.) Anyways he was really cool about it and I was super awkward and apologized about a million times. Apparently we're even for the neck hickey thing now.

I have a theory living with a girl who isn't on birth control is overpowering my weak birth controlled hormones.

Because of this awfulness, but the not freaking out on his part has lead me to think he might actually be my boyfriend(I'm not quite ready to admit it Whitney haha).



  1. hahahahaha and this is why I love you. "Apparently we're even for the neck hickey thing now" killed me.

  2. I also laughed at that Nat!

    And then I thought "This is her boyfriend and she is going to hate me when I comment that". And then I read the second to last line :)