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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A brief description of the sucky parts of my apartment

1. My Neighbours are mainly psychopaths. The ones above me love domestic abuse, loud video games and looping dvd menus. The neighbours below us love yelling, verbally abusing anyone(including the mailman) and smoking in their apartment. The people beside us have a pretty nice dog so I forgive them for their crazyness.

2. Everything I own smells like cigarette smoke, even though neither I nor my roommate smoke. I blame the downstairs neighbour but it is possibly all the neighbours.

3. Our bathroom light has been broken for about a week and therefore only intermittently works. You don't know scary showers until you have had one where your bathroom light flickers constantly and leaves you in the dark 5 plus minutes on occasion. (This is made worse if you have seen the angel episodes of Doctor Who).

4. I think the downstairs neighbour might also be a murderer and we have a very flimsy lock on the front door.

5. I think it is going to be brutally hot in the summer. Also only two of the windows in the whole apartment have screens.

Basically I need to move.


  1. YOU BLOGGED! YAY!! and twice too, it kind of made my day.. haha

  2. I love that you're blogging again! Also, wanna sublet in our apartment for the summa?