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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Taste of Nostalgia


I don't think anyone likes it. Well at least not all the time.

Today I had a London Fog from Coffee and Friends for the first time since I've moved back to my University Town. I used to go fairly often with my bff Jojo all the time 2 years ago and it was also a fairly regular part of my bus trips to school.

I don't know why this was my first one. I have been pretty poor and I now have a completely different routine than I used to. But I was instantly brought back to 2 years ago. In a sense, not much has changed. Its still tasted the same. I am still in the same city. I was even wearing the same winter jacket.

But in another sense everything has changed. New school, new roommate(I miss you Jojo!), a lot of new friends. And I'm older. Last year definitely changed me more than I realized.

But today, as I drank what used to be one of my favorite parts of trip to school, I let myself miss it.

I think the worst kind of change might be the kind that sneaks up on you and you don't even notice until its to late and its already impossible to go back.

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