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Monday, February 4, 2013

When Love isn't Enough.

Something kind of scary happened recently and I realized that it isn't enough to just love someone.
I'm a big believer in showing my feelings, rather than stating them(or I suck at saying what I'm feeling so I simply hope it comes through.)
But it isn't enough sometimes.
You need to tell people you love them. And often.
Cause one of the worst things in the world is sitting around wondering how other people feel. Or thinking that no one cares. Cause there is almost always someone who does. Despite how it may feel.

My Mom said this to me "Nothing bad has ever come from letting someone know you care."
(I'm not completely convinced but I think its good advice).

So here it is: To all of y'all let it be known: I love you. (Even those I don't know)

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