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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


So as a film student I feel a certain amount of pressure that I should be watching movies all the time. But not regular movies, like classics or artsy movies. But the last couple of days I have not felt like it, and I'm between television shows right now(I almost always watch tv while I eat. I know I shouldn't but I do it anyways cause eating alone is sad and its hard to eat and read in my bed. Did I mention that we don't have a real table? Besides the point). However what I have felt like watching are all my favourite movies, especially ones I forgot were my favs. So here is a list with my anecdotal comments of the last 5 movies I've watched.

1.Empire Records: If you haven't seen this movie yet, watch it immediately. It has young Renee Zellwiger and Liv Tyler and it is awesome. Makes me want to quite school and work at a record store.

2.Welcome to the Dollhouse: I technically watched this for school. It was really weird but it remind me of several movies I want to re-watch such as Empire Records, Strike!(Does anyone have this? I couldn't find it on the internet, also don't judge me).

3.Stardust: This is one of the best fantasy/magical movies. Every time I watch it I love it more. I also always forget I love it but it is amazing. The author whose story it is based on Neil Gaiman is also amazing.

4.Chicago: This won best picture and is a musical. I love musicals but this one is one of my particular favs. I think I love every song in it. I also want to live in the 1920s.

5.Tangled: Classic Disney. Has awesome songs and Zachary Levi is the voice of the male lead. I LOVE him and the show Chuck. I actually cried through the whole last season. But Tangled is great.

I also recently watched The Vow, Captain America, Scanners and Hearts of Darkness(A doc about the making of apocalyse now). They were all also very good.

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