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Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Fun

This weekend I let myself have a completely off weekend aka zero film stuff. Which was fantastic.(Minus the fact that now have many things to do this week. But I'm not freaking out.)

Friday I got to see my Best Buddy Jojo. Which I'm always happy about, cause I miss her like crazy! We went to a bachelorette which was also lots of fun cause I got to hang out with some lovely ladies I haven't seen much lately.

Since I got drunk on friday I was not planning on drinking saturday. But I was going to a comedy show that my roommate B was performing in, and one beer quickly spiralled into many beer.

So there is this comedian friend of B's that I always flirt with. He is kind of a dick but in a way that I find really hilarious if that makes any sense. Anyways another kind of friend, a friend I only hang out with in this particular environment, had previous slept with him so I felt kind of weird about the whole flirting thing. But then of course I got drunk, which lead to very flirty behaviour that I am embarrassed to write about.

So the whole drunken thing kicked in and I decided that I very rarely kind of like boys, and he seemed to also be into the whole flirting thing, so I did the terrible friend thing and made out with him, then took him home. NOT TO HAVE SEX. Which was different for me. Cause I was all like " I'm not having sex with you" and he was all like "ok" and then didn't push it at all! Which is weird, unexpected boy behaviour  I thought at least. So then we hung out till like 3 yesterday and it was all very fun. I think I might kind of like him.

BUT I FEEL SO BAD. I am never a bad friend(in the boy sense). The last time I went for a boy that my friend even kind of liked was in GRADE 10 WITH NIGEL. And I was with him forever so I stopped feeling bad about it. And that friend had just liked him. But I'm not that good of a friend with her. SO MUCH GUILT. And my only justification now is that I was drunk. TELL ME I'M NOT A HORRIBLE PERSON!


  1. This is a total nbd, don't be so hard on yourself!

  2. You're not a horrible person! It's not like they're together or anything. If she really likes him, and slept with him and nothing came of it, then you making out with him doesn't change anything since it didn't work BEFORE you made out with him. And if she doesn't like him and just slept with him, then she wouldn't be mad I don't think.

    I'm glad you kind of like someone! :) so exciting!!!