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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

At least give me some credit..

I know that its sometimes hard not to judge people especially when they aren't necessarily being their best selves and this is your first impression of this person or even your second. But you know me and I would hope that people would realize that I am not that much of a shitshow or that stupid that I would get in a car with a drunk driver. The person in question was my guest, who I brought, and with whom I had been with for the majority of the night. I know for a fact that while he was with me for a span of about 4 hours, he had 3 beer which in a person his size does not make someone drunk. I would know because in that span a time I also had 3 drinks and was barely feeling it. Also the slide into the curb was in fact the result of careful driving on slippery roads on summer tires where the result of reckless driving would probably have been flipping the car or wrapping it around the phone pole that was also in front of us. I'm glad you all feel the need to judge someone I brought when I have done nothing but try and be friendly no matter who was brought around. I'm also glad that you have that much faith in me that you think I would go with someone possing a danger not only to myself but also to others.Thanks.


  1. I can attest to careful driving in the winter and sliding into things and off the road.
    I was coming home from work, 110% sober and the road was greasy as fuck and the snow was just not a fun thing like it usually is.
    My tires were winter tires...on their 5th winter...worn...badly.
    i went off the road and i could have ended up in a ditch or slammed into someone's house (people build their houses unusally close to the road in lyons brook) but i ended up off the road in the parking lot of Piper's Landing, meaning i had crossed over onto the otherside of the road...and almost hit the telephone pole, because when the roads are that greasy and slippery, there's no fucking stopping, and braking makes everything ten times worse. Got your back kid :P

  2. HEY!!! you blogged again! woooo! aaand you didnt even censor at all. je suis impressed, puis, je t'aime beaucoup <3. im hoping to see many more of these while you are on your christmas break so i can creep on your holiday happenings......