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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Random thought..

I rarely talk about my love life on here, but thats because thats the type of girl I am. I keep my feelings on the inside where I believe they belong. Whenever I see those sappy facebook type status about love and such I usually fake vomit to myself.(no offence to anyone here, I'm not saying my way is better by any means its just how I roll)I generally am attracted to assholey type guys but I somehow attract these super nice, sweet, genuine guys who just want to tell me about their feelings and let me stomp all over their hearts...and not just once they let me stomp repetedly. Not that I mean to at all, I usually just perceive us as just being friends but somehow they get the wrong idea. I think this has to do with my supposed ability to flirt without realizing it, seriously thats just how I am. I'm also not sure to stop these things from happening..Should I just not be friends with boys? Cause that seems like a shoddy options but at the same time I hate hurting anyone I consider to be a friend let alone a good friend. Also the title of this post is a lie because it is not a random thought but rather something that has happened to me twice this week, which makes me feel especially shitty. This song only semi relates but it reminds me of this kind of situations:


  1. I agree! We should hang out soon.
    I can't listen to the song because I'm on my mom's sucky computer, so I'll listen to it soon :)