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Friday, December 18, 2009

Things I want right now..

1. Some awesome driving songs for my ipod, or just awesome new to me songs.. I'm getting tired of everything on it right now, to many bus trips lately. Also the thing about my ipod is I find deleting songs as hard as throwing out clothes..cause I might want them someday or I used to love them. (If anyone is going to make suggestions don't make ones that are christmas music, if you are wondering why please refer to my previous rant on christmas music)
2. A new profile picture for facebook, one where I look semi normal. I'm getting scared that potential grad schools or employers may creep my facebook in order to tell if I am a good studious person. I suspect the picture of me looking like a crazy homeless person does not necessarily give off that impression.
3. To be home!! I am ready for some time away from freddy, to see everyone I haven't seen in forever and to have some good family time. Also I am looking forward to having some completely free time as well as a stocked up fridge. I haven't been home for more than two or three days since last christmas so it should be sweeeet.
4. A new haircut. My long hair is driving me insane. It gets in my clothes, in my sheets, in my food. It itches me, it tickles me, it gets in my mouth. It drives jo jo insane as well, clogs the tub and the vacumn cleaner. Basically it has got to go. I am also open to suggestions about what I should do with it, I'm thinking something drastically different.
5. Pants lined with flannel. Once a million years ago a friend's boyfriend showed me his pants were lined with flannel and I have since dream of owning a pair like that. I don't think they make girl pants like that but it would be sweet, especially since it has been frigging ridiculously stupid cold out the past couple of days.This one is just a general thing I always want but I figured 4 was a silly number to end on.


  1. 1. I will also have my i-pod, I'll try to put new things on it! :)
    2. There are some lovely ones from the holiday party.
    3. I am also looking forward to time away from Oromocto.
    5. Wear long johns, or leggings, it helps. Flannel pants are probably not on the horizon for you.

  2. you should have been around last night! looovee