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Friday, December 11, 2009

This is all for you T-pain..

So I'm writing an essay today for my renaissance drama class when sudenly I realize I am writing about the original Edward and Bella relationship. That right, the relationship of Edward II and Queen Isabella. Coincidentally this relationship seemingly has many similiarities. Edward is a homosexual who completely alienates his Queen Isabella to the point that she begins an affair with another man (Mortimer in this, but I'm sure they needed a newer hipper name for twilight, hence Jacob) eventually each of these characters end up dead or imprisioned, which I can only hope is what happened in Twilight. Edward coincidentally goes by way of hot poker up the ass, something I think would hurt that vampire mothafucka..Anyways slight digression from my homework that was coincidentally due days ago..


  1. BAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i just DIED laughing. you always make me laugh outloud at work and it's embarassing. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! I wonder if Mortimer had a sexy sexy bod.

  2. I don't think anyone named Mortimer could have a sexy bod...Sorry Ty.