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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

little sister torture time..

So today is the first day I've actually made home in my journey to visit all my family..I've concluded that my family needs to all collaborate and move withing 5 minutes of each other but that is besides the point. To celebrate being home I decided to harrass my little sister who is someone who likes to sleep late.. When simply steamrollering her and stealing all her pillows and blankets didn't work I began with my most powerful psychological torture this song:

When that didn't work I thought for awhile of something even more annoying and then it occured to me, THE WHALE SONG and I hoped and prayed it would be on youtube.. and it was:

but apparently her resistance to being awake is strong and she resisted.. I am now playing them both at the same time which is hurting my head so I think I'm going to have to resort to jumping on her again.. there really is no way she is actually sleeping tho. I do it all out of love..
Other than that my plans for the day are pretty chill..I guess I am going shopping for my own christmas presents because my mom is away and I'm getting my hair cut which I am pretty pumped about..


  1. I can't believe it goes on that long lol! i watched the whole thing...

  2. I played it for like an hour.. it was silly..