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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Proof of my somewhat domesticity

I'm not claiming I'm the next Martha Stewart. In fact most things I make don't look particularily appetizing. However they almost always taste good so I figure that counts waaaayyy more than looks. This isn't cake boss for sure but I try dammit and my family at least seems to enjoy it.
Here is a pictorial display of my adventures in cooking.
Turns out we have a convection oven, which does not make cupcakes rise in the same way that a regular oven does. At least that what I'm blaming it on, and really I have never made or seen cupcakes that have ever turned out anything like this. Here is a particularily funny one:

Here they are once they are finished and iced. They have chocolate icing and then fluff on them because I am currently addicted to smores things right now but I didn't like how they turned out. The chocolate icing over powered the fluff too much, not making it marshmellowy enough. Next time I am going to put just fluff then like a dab of chocolate syryp on top.

Here is my little Sister pretending to help me in my baking adventures but in fact D. was carefully planning what she is going to do in the event of a zombie apocalypse...and talking to boys. She did grease the pans but I suspect I could have done it faster.

Here are some chocolate cream pie and the chocolate chip cookies I made.. I once again blame the convection oven for the appearance of the cookies but really I probably put to much dough on the pan..


I rarely get the motivation to bake but when that motivation does indeed strike I usually end up making several things. The one thing I didn't make that I usually do when I'm on a baking streak is apple muffins but I'm thinking I'll save that for christmas morning. Also if you look closely you may notice that I did indeed get my hair cut but I guess how much I got cut is still shrouded in mystery.


  1. holy moly bake-a-thon batman! Looks yummy tho! I'm glad you're still blogging. it keeps me tapped in and entertained, while being stuck up here in newfie land and all.