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Friday, September 18, 2009

I love Naps

I love naps.. I have ever since high school when a slight iron deficiency made me need to sleep almost constantly.. A sample conversation with my mother from this often went like this:
Mom"I didn't even realize you were at home"
R- "I was asleep, but I was suppose to hang out with some people. Did anyone call?"
Mom- "Yeah but I told them you weren't here"
Anyways this love of sleep may have kept me out of some trouble. However depending on my level of iron I usually need much less sleep but napping was still something I loved to do whenever possible. I sometimes would rather get up early if it means an opportunity for a nice afternoon nap. My schedule this year is not very accomadating to napping but today I an opportunity arrose for a nice afternoon nap. However, horror of horrors I could not.. My ability to sleep in the afternoon seems to be gone. Which is a shame because naps often produce the most interesting dreams, which are always good for a story. While on the subject of things I love, here are some other things sleep related that I adore: My duvet, My sleeping pillow, really funny dreams, sleeping puppies, sleeping in, school cancellations that allow you to keep sleeping.. Things I hate about sleeping: people waking me up for ridiculous reasons (such as to tell me a funny dream, tell me in the morning once I am awake), alarms that don't go off, annoying beeping alarms, not being able to fall asleep, people who snore.. Well that is all for now as must soon go out to eat with one of my favs, T-Pain.

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  1. I AM REFERENCED IN THE BLOG! I feel extremely special :D

    PS you forgot ppl waking you after a night out simply because they know you WILL wake up and talk to them about crazy things like bread