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Friday, September 25, 2009

What should have been a busy day..

Lat night I went to bed with the thought that I was going to have a ridiculously jam packed day. However this morning I woke up to discover that my class was cancelled and all my busyness was focused on my need to go to campus. So instead of having a busy day I am now have an unproductive semi-lazy day. So far me and W have made breakfest wraps/sandwiches and I'm now doing nothing on the internet. I should probably use this time productively and get caught up on reading but there are still some other things that I would like to do before I work at 5 after which I have a wine and cheese with my sorority ladies.. I certainly hope the rain will clear up before that and that tonight will be a lovely evening..I also hope that the reason my prof cancelled was because it was friday and it was raining out..because it would be great if that happenened every week..

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  1. Your frequent blogging keeps me entertained during the long work day. Keep it up!