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Friday, September 18, 2009

My "Official" Name..

As of recently quite a few of my close friends have blogs which I follow on a regular basis. This fact alone didn't inspire me to create a blog of my own, but rather the frequency of which some of them update their blogs. Apparently I am a hypocrite because I don't have a blog myself and don't understand. I hate to be a hypocrite.. Also I can't figure out how to comment on their blogs without having a blog of my own. So anyways for about a week now I've been considering stating a blog of my own, I simply wasn't sure of the angle I wanted to use on my blog. My initial instinct was to chronicle my single life and my secret hate for my friends in relationships but I'm not actually that bitter and I actually do love my couple friends.. However today an event occured and I realized that my blogging destiny might be to chronicle these type of things that seem to happen to me with frightening frequency. And so the story of how at twenty two I finally got my beginners, the first step in being allowed to drive a vehicle:

First off I actually have had my beginners before, about 5 years ago apparently. However I never felt confident enough to go to for the actual road test. This is a long and semi interesting story but really besides the point, except for the fact that once I went to univesity I allowed this begginers to expire and never gave it a second thought because during my time at university I never had much access to car. However this year I was presented with the opportunity to have a car for a bit and I was also faced with the realization that after university I might have a job where a car was necessary. So I went for my license and successfully passed the test. None of this is particularily ridiculous until I received my licensed and realized that they misspelled my name. So to sum up I now have a license that list my name as Roby M.! and I was to afraid of being a nuissanse to get it changed.. but I figure this is motivation to get an actual license so I can get them to change the stupid thing to my actual name. And maybe semi motivation to stop being a pushover..haha