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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back to school..

I am now commencing it what I like to call the victory lap of my undergrad..basically killing time between now and hypothetical grad school, which allows you to take easy courses to pad your grades. My course load for this semester is pretty sweet but clearly nothing can top last semesters killer combo of zombies and horror(notice the pun haha). I applied to my first grad school yesterday making things all the more real because now I have actually paid money and feel commited to the idea. If I don't get in now I will be sad, and feel rejected. Perhaps I will have to go and pick up many boys in order to improve my self esteem.(Joke,as I don't really believe that will help)My basic point is that school start once again tommorow, as I didn't sign up for a tueday class until like ten minutes ago. And my point inside of that point is that I don't want to go and that vacations are never ever long enough.

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  1. on the plus side, at least we get vacations, non students have to book things off and then hope they get it :(