My attempt to come to terms with the ridiculousness of my life..

Monday, January 25, 2010


I need friend in my classes so I know what is happening in them like test and papers and such cause I have a hard time remembering that sort of thing. Somehow I remember ever shift at work but it can slip my mind that I am going to have a test or need to pass something in. So I make class friends and they normally remind me about such things. However today two of my bad qualities forgetfulness and avoidance combined to make me walk into a class, almost late, and then realize I had a test that day. Luckily it was on something that I at least semi remembered from last semester as well as class notes, to classes which I had attended. So it was not all bad. However, had I been more prepared, I definatly could have done better on this test than I am going to. I actually do have friends in this class which lead to the avoidance part. I have not been going on msn, which is one of my main form of communication with these friends because I have been avoiding dogtags. Since I had my epiphany and decided that I no longer wanted to waste my time with him he decided to show an increased interest in me, texting me almost everyday for like a week and a half but I think he is done now, which is good. I want that complication out of my life. Also I would like to return to msn so that people can remind me about such things.