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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The year I am 22= the year I win things

My entire life up until this year has been punctuated with me never winning anything..ever. From cake walks to draws to sports events or anything of the sort I never won anything. Even when there was basically more cakes than participants in a cake walk(where they make you walk in a circle on paper numbers, which they then draw a number..if that makes any sense at all) I never won. Ever. But this year my luck seems to be semi changing. First I won a basket from fantasia,(which has proved useless to me as this basket is still untouched in my closet) but I was still pretty excited to have won anything in general. Then at my work Chrsitmas party I won a free pizza, which although it was a small prize, was still a prize and ultimately delicious. Then finally today I won an amazing giveaway from !!
I am quite excited, this was definately the highlight of my day. Yay! I'm going to have to start buying lottery tickets or gambling..something of that sort at least.


  1. awww!i am so happy that you're so happy to win!:Di will be sending it out to you in the next couple of days!:D more than likely gonna pop a few more things in there too!
    i too don't tend to win things,but then again i don't really enter anything to that's probably why.yep.

  2. AHHH you just jinxed your winning streak by mentioning it, jerk.
    i think that's how it works : (

    but yay that you win things now, it feels nice eh?

  3. I did think about the jinxing thing but I figured that aknowledging it to myself prob had the same consequences anyways. I also never enter to win things(or at least rarely) so it probably won't matter to much if I do jinx it anyways.

  4. I want to come see it, I'll try not to steal. :)

  5. no stealing.. I will fight both of you.. at the same time..

  6. hrm, good point. i enter things and never win. i blame all the cake walks in won in elementary school and consequently bragged about to eddie who was never a good receiver of my bragging in 4th grade. i fucked my winning karma up there for sure.

  7. is it wrong i kind of want to see that fight? ;)