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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I have become a blog slacker..

So I haven't been writing lately because I am boring. That is all. I have no other excuse. School has started again, and I have work as usual but its really actually taking up less of my time then last semester as I am taking one less class. So here is what has been happening in my life, at least today. I have almost fallen like 4 times and I actually fell once because its so friggin icy and my shoes aren't very grippy. One of the things I hate most about winter is ice and the fact that I am not coordinated enough to stand on it. Falling and catching myself from falling often causes pain which I don't like. Another thing that happened today, that has actually been happening for like a week now is that dogtags has been messaging me again and he would like to go to the movies this weekend. I haven't decided if I want to because he ignored me for a bit, which he did explain but he is still kind of a douche. He is doing better with making converstation lately tho. Today was also the first event for Rush(when we recruit new members) for my sorority. So I spent a large chunk of my afternoon hanging out with some of my favorite ladies.
My Favs this past Weekend

Me and this bear have alot in common..


  1. hahahahaha i looove you! that bear made me laugh out loud again. (a dangerous thing to do in a supposed to be silent work trailer) DOGTAGS is back eh. He he. we'll see how this movie thing works out.

  2. I put the funny pics up specifically to make you laugh..