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Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Resolutions

I think New Years is pretty overated. It has all this hype and then it ends up being like any other drunken party the rest of the year except that there is pressure to hook up and the highlight of the night is 12, when a regular night things would just be starting then. I also don't really think that new years resolutions really work. But I do think it as good of a time as any to think about the year and my life in general and think of things I would like to change. I feel like alot of things are going to change in big ways this year so I kept my New Years resolution pretty unambitious. Here they are:
1. Get rid of Black out drunk Robyn( I was going to say shitshow Robyn but she's not all bad haha. I figure the times that really bother me are the ones I don't remember)
2.Try and be healthier in general but more specifically floss more, cause I forget sometimes or am to lazy.
3.Try to be more proactive and less passive.(Something I am always generally trying to do)

2009 was an amazing year but it did also have its craptastic moments. I'm excited for 2010, I feel like alot is going to happen this year. Happy New Years Everyone!!


  1. those are great! i think i should make one that says: get rid of blackout tyler...cuz we all know how that ends up.


  2. we could work on it together? as in try and drink resonable amounts together?