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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I am probably one of the few people in the world who actually like public transportation. I like that it gives me some quiet time to think and listen to my ipod before I get to my destinations. Sometimes driving directly to a destination is not enough to to prepare mentally for the times ahead at school or work. So this is not a direct rant about having to take public transportation. However the bus system in my city blows. Especially at night. The only bus that goes anywhere near my house goes something like twice after 6 oclock, which annoying when I want to get home. Also the buses that connect o my bus go at stupid times at night as well. All I want in life is a bus schedule that goes at semi regular intervals, like every half hour, everyday, allday. I don't even care about the having to take 2 buses to get anywhere as long as it went at frigging regualar intervals. BLARG. Also I hate when its nice out all day(actually I like this but there is more to what I don't like) and then snow melt so there is a thin layer of water on the sidewalk that freezes when it once again gets cold and then is nearly invisible, causing me to fall when I walk on what appears to be regular side walk..ewuil;dwfiudefiui...blarg....


  1. baha, this is cute! Please don't fall. :{ Ha ha.

  2. i used to hate taking the bus so much (hence why i'm finally taking driving lessons!) but i did enjoy getting to sit there and listen to my music,and watching the world go by xxxxx

  3. I think one of the best parts of the bus is definatly watching people...the bus always has some kind of ridiculousness going on..