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Thursday, January 7, 2010

"Writing comes more easily if you have something to say"

This semester I am taking a film production class, mainly just because it sounded like it would be super fun. After having my first class today I am still convinced that it is going to be a pretty sweet class. There are a couple things that make it slightly less fun than I thought. The first thing is a boy. This boy was actually one of the very fist people I met at university and we have consequencely been friend for several years. The crappy part is he does not want to be just friends but has been in love with me pretty much since we met(his words not mine) and over christmas I told him that it was never going to happen(I thought it would be nicer in the long run, but I felt super bad about doing so). Anyways so he is no longer talking to me and acting really weird. But the main thing I think is not going to be fun about this class is that everyone has to write a five page script. and then everyone has to read them all and vote about which one we are going to make. This maybe doesn't seem that bad but I'm actually not that creative and I hate when people read my writing usually. So far my only idea is a musical account of my night in the drunk tank, complete with singing and choreographed dancing. In a class that is like 80% male I'm not sure how well this idea is going to go over. Anyways my point in writing this is that I need HELP!!!! Any ideas for a 5 page script that could easily be filmed would be great.


  1. you should write about vampires..they're so hot right now.

  2. you should write about a drug addict, or a mystery about who stole something or who killed someone...